Friday, October 2, 2015

Old Style Conjure Cards with Book Starr Casas

Developed by Momma Starr Casas, these cards are designed to bring the wisdom of Conjure to the art of divination. 
The 54-card deck is a Tarot Deck card size., comes with  the card reading book and a prayer cloth to keep your cards wrapped in when you are not working with them.
What people are saying about the Conjure Cards: 

Well, Momma Starr, I absolutely love your card deck and book as I knew I would! I am so thankful that I have come across your phenomenal work, I can’t begin to tell you the amazing impact it has made upon my life at a time when I am truly at a crossroads. Thank you for all that you do!

So this morning I received a new deck and began working with immediately because you know I’m like a little kid at Christmas when it comes to new decks. Plus this had the added bonus of being a conjure deck...WOW! Momma Starr, this is amazing! I love this deck! I did the first pull just tell me what’s going on with me in general. Nailed my business, on going stuff that has been going on with me, how to fix it and just WOW. Love when I open a deck and we hit it off instantly. To put it in perspective...I own 20-30 decks easily. I use one almost always and another occasionally and the rest never because we just aren’t as close. Oh these are so going into to the everyday use.

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